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Holistic Harmony

Natural therapies for horses




Posted on February 15, 2019 at 1:25 AM

 Simon was a horse that I leased in the early 2000's for my daughters to ride. This photo was taken at Cabarita beach in around 2003 with my Daughter riding him at around 8 years old. He was a beautiful, sweet aged Arabian gelding and was so quiet and took great care of my girls. He came to me with many health issues and it was because of him that I started to delve deeper into horse health and natural therapies. He really taught me so much. He had an array of issues from teeth to hoof to poor condition, so I quickly learned the importance of regular dentisty and corrective hoof care. I attended lectures and hoof trimming workshops and anything else that I could find.

In my search for natural health alternatives to improve Simons condition and help him gain some weight I started looking at a natural diet and herbal supplements. One of my resources was Victoria Fergusons book "A practical horse herbal", so when I saw Victoria was coming to do a talk in my local area I jumped at the chance to go. This would of been around 2002 or 2003. The lecture was split up with Victoria speaking in the morning and the afternoon lecture was about Bowen therapy for horses. I had never heard of Bowen therapy before and was intreaged to learn more. One of the Bowen therapists was a local lady who treated both horses and people and I subsequently went and had a treatment on myself, my daughters and my horses all treated. I was amazed how gentle yet powerful this treatment was, and so began my journey. The following year I trained as a Bowen therapist and received the Diploma of proficiency as it was called then.

Simon gained weight and health and lived the last few years of his life well looked after and loved. He was a gentle soul.

He passed away in 2006 when he was around 26-27years old.

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