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Holistic Harmony

Natural therapies for horses




Posted on February 21, 2019 at 12:20 AM

Harry is a 15 year old Australian riding pony that has been living with us for approximately 18 months now. When I met Harry he had very bad laminitis and insulin resistance and was being treated with veterinary prescribed medication and corrective shoeing. He was spending hours a day lyeing down and was not moving around much when standing, he was in considerable pain. I had been asked to try some acupuncture to see if could help him. When his bloods were retested and the insulin was still around 300 the owners thought it was the most humane decision to put him to sleep.

I had grown a soft spot for Harry as he was very sweet and reminded me of my horse Simon. My partner is a bare foot trimmer and had some really good successs with laminitis rehabilitation so under consultation with the Vet and owners we took Harry home with us to see if we could help with rehabilitating him. 
It has been a real journey of balancing his feeds, forthnightly hoof trimming and bodywork but Harry now is a happy member of my little herd of horses. Once he was out of the woods and able to gallop about he was able to live out with the other horse and this has really helped him. Horses really need a natural environment, or as close to, to be able to thrive. They need room to move, friends and constant forage. 

It is still a constant balancing act to keep Harry's sytem functioning correctly so he doesn't get laminitis but he is out of the woods and enjoying his life in the herd. He may never be sound as a riding horse but he will also have a place to live out his life with us.

I have a lovely video of him galloping around with the other horses that I will upload when the internet service allows.

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