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Holistic Harmony

Natural therapies for horses

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Web Store

Distance Emotion Code session


In this session I tune into your animal or yourself via distance through a photo. I then use muscle testing to access the subconscious and find past emotional trauma that is now causing emtional behavioural and physical issues in your horse in the present time, and release them from the body. This treatment is good for separation anxiety, ulcers, pacing, unexplained rearing or bucking, unable to gain weight, fearful, just to name a few.

There can be times in a horses life that have caused anxiety, fear or grief and they have not felt able to process these at the time and have suppressed them in the body. Once triggered they can show up in the present unexpectedly or for no reason.

Once released the horse can become so much happier and calmer and easier to build a bond and connection.

If you can please email through a current photo, name, age and presenting issue to [email protected]

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