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Holistic Harmony

Natural therapies for horses


"We provided a 6 year old chestnut thoroughbred mare who had a lot of anxiety issues - she was very nervous, highly strung mare and had a lot of difficulty maintaining condition.

Anna worked with our mare and helped to relieve her negative emotions. Since she has gained condition and relaxed into a kinder, friendlier and all round easier to handle mare. There were no other changes made to the mares's life.

We highly recommend Anna from Holistic Harmony and think the comparison photo's speak for themselves".

Hooves up Equestrian

"Anna has helped both myself and my 2 horses. Anna picked up everything I knew about my horses past. She is so caring and only wants what is best for you and your animals. She has spent over the allocated time more than once as she felt my boys needed that bit extra time with her. Both my boys have become completely different horses with only a couple of sessions each. One was not willing to do anything. After just one session of emotion coding and acupuncture I noticed the BIGGEST change in him. He had opened up to me and was all of a sudden trusting and willing to do anything I asked him to do. The other was untouchable and would strike out and turn away when you tried to touch him. After one session you could go walk up to him and he would be the one to step forward to interact. This is just from clearing their negative emotions that they can't themselves release.

I have referred so many of my friends to Anna and they all believe her work has let their horses open up to them so much!

Anna is amazing and I highly recommend everyone to get the emotional coding done."


"Anna has been insanely helpful with my newest boy and his anxiety regarding other horses using her emotion coding. He was always very nervous and would completely freak out when other horses either came into a space he was working, or even when they left it. After a session of acupuncture and massage Anna created a blend of essential oils he reacted positively too, and after just 2 days of application the anxiety was gone and it was as if it were never there to begin with! He is now treated once every 3-5 weeks to keep on top of any underlying issues, and I can confidently say the work Anna has done with him these past 5 months has completely changed him, he is now happy all the time and loves being around the other horses!"


"After a fascinating emotional coding session followed by a massage to get rid of my hundreds of stress knots, fast forward a week and I am feeling great and much lighter emotionally. Anna has a lovely calm energy that puts you totally at ease immediately. Thank you Anna for sharing your amazing gift".


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