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Holistic Harmony

Natural therapies for horses

Treatments for your Horse.

Emotion Code session

In this session I use muscle testing to access the subconscious and to find past emotional trauma that is now causing emotional, behavioural and physical issues in your horse in the present time, and release them from the body.

This treatment is good for separation anxiety, ulcers, pacing, unexplained rearing or bucking, unable to gain weight, fearful just to name a few.

There can be times in a horses life that have caused anxiety, fear or grief and they have not felt able to process these at the time and they have become suppressed in the body and once triggered can show up in the present time.

Separation anxiety and Ulcers can be traced back to early and incorrect weaning as a 

foal, fears can come from training experiences not done correctly and grief from losing paddock mates are all common themes. Once released your horse can become so much happier and calmer and easier to build the bond and connection with that we are all looking for.

These sessions are $80.

Bodywork session

My Bodywork sessions treat physical pain in the horses body. I use a number of modalities including muscle release, acupuncture and aromatherapy.

Horses are just like us and experience muscle pain and discomfort from overuse, incorrect posture, accidents and incorrect saddle fit.

In this session I assess and find the areas of tension and release them restoring muscle flexibilty and range of movement.

These sessions are $80

Distance session

Emotion code sessions can be done via distance.

For this session I will need a photo of your horse and a description of the behaviour or condition that you would like help with.

I will find the root cause of the issue and release the emotions that have been suppressed and test to see what and if any further ongoing treatment is needed.

These sessions include a phone or skype consultation and are $60.