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Holistic Harmony

Natural therapies for horses

Treatment for humans

True healing for our horses can start with our own healing.

We carry the stress and tension from our days, aswell as our past traumas in our energy field. Horses are the masters of sensing energy and body language and can sense everything that we have going on and will act or react accordingly. Our energy and what is going on in our bodies is felt by them, especially if we are sitting on their backs.

If we are in a constant state of fear or anxiety your horse will be able to feel this. Releasing your stress and emotional baggage does wonders for your relationship with your horse.

If your pelvis is unbalanced you will be sitting unevenly on your horse, and he will have to compensate to carry you ending up with stiffness and uneven overuse of certain muscle groups.

My treatments can include any or all of the following depending on what is needed, 

 Remedial Massage, dry needling, emotion code or reiki.

I am a fully qualified remedial massage therapist, qualified in dry needling, Emotion code practitioner, Reiki practitioner, qualified in hot stone massage. Health fund rebates are available for remedial massage.